I have a PowerMac G4 and a K6-2 on my desk. The G4, being RISC and all, is nice and quiet and needs something like 130 watts of electricity. On the other hand, the K6-2 needs a 250 watt power supply and it makes a lot of noise, like, whiring noise! So I got to thinking...

Since Intel and AMD seem intent on overclocking a garden variety 386 until it literally could fry eggs faster than a garden variety kitchen stove, why not put that technology to use?

My K6-2 needs a relatively powerful cooling fan. In fact, I ran one fan into the ground trying to cool it. It set off the heat alarm several times. I can just imagine what an Athlon or Pentium 4 needs to cool it. Furthermore, I read an article on Slashdot the other day discussing how we might see 750 GHz processors in a few years. Since liquid nitrogen cooling isn't really going to become a household institution, we're going to need some serious fans to cool these babies. Why not put this immense air moving device to work for you?

The case would have an open top, and the fan would be sitauted there, sucking air into the case to cool the various components. Thanks to my ingenius case design, these powerful fans would actually cause the computer base to act as a miniature hovercraft.

Not only will the HoverBox™ save desk space by hovering in midair, but you can totally impress your friends and family with your amazing flying computer!

Clearly, this idea has major market potential, and all case and cooling component manufacturers should gives this concept serious consideration. This could lead to big bucks!

Then again, I suppose we could always use freon too...

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