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Love and Hate are typically thought to be the endpoints of a simple continuum for how we feel towards others. This is over simplified. Love and Hate both have a desire to do /something/ towards another person. What about not caring at all? Picture instead of a simple line of Love and Hate, a triangle. The extremes of this triangle are Love, Hate, and Indifference.

I prefer to think of it as a circle, with the X values quantifying feeling and the Y values quantifying intensity. What we are left with is "general indifference for" as the base of the circle, and "passionate about" at the top. Anything on the left (arbitrarily) represents the state of "liking" and conversely the right represents "disliking". Now, if one placed one's emotional response to another as the very centre of the circle, for example, it would indicate an average feeling toward someone with average intensity. The reason that the shape of emotion is circular is because the stronger someone feels about something, the less important the feeling; too, the more certain how someone is on how they feel about something, the more average the intensity.

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