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This is a true story; this really happened to me.

There was this girl I dated
A good girl, brought up Christian,
Taught to be ashamed of her sex
Ashamed of how powerfully she would climax,
And of how powerfully she would crave that moment as it came....
And so, just then, in that moment, she cried out,
"Rape me!!"

Her body arched and clutched at mine; again she cried
"Rape me, I'm a whore, such a bad, dirty whore!!
I deserve to be raped, to be raped hard!!
Rape me!!"

Disconcerted, disoriented, I paused.
This she would not permit, no.
Her nails raked my sides as she twisted and cajoled
Me deeper into her, forcing my strong thrusts against my will.
"Please," her eyes were wet, "rape me."

I tried my best. Really I did.
"Pin my arms," she crossed her wrists over her crown,
Hesitently I bore down,
One hand clasped over them.
"Force my legs apart," near panic in her voice, "Force them!!"
I set my knees inside her own, shoved them wide.
And I thrust. And I thrust. And I thrust and thrust and thrust and thrust.
Wildly against me she was then,
No distinction between a caught beast yearning to escape
And a woman desperate never to.

She gasped, cried out, sobbed, whisperingly implored.
"Rape me.... rape my cunt, the dirty cunt of a whore!!"
"Force it, deep inside me!! Rape the cum out of my slut cunt!!"
Her sobs became screams, tilted on that edge of terror and ecstacy.
"Fucking rape me, rape my fucking cumming whore cunt!!"

Again I gave obedience, as hard and fast as I could,
Bewildered sheens of sweat poured from me.
Wet like her fucking cumming whore cunt.
Confusion powered me, shame engorged.
A final shriek; together, we were done.
I pulled out quickly, sticky filaments stained.
She hurriedly buried her head in my chest;
Threw her arms around.
She held me; I held her;
Broken, we sobbed.


"I'm a good girl," she murmured painedly,
"Not a whore. It's not, it's not my fault."
I nodded, in shocked silence.
"I can't help it." Quiet tears, now.
"But, but if I was raped, then I didn't do anything wrong, right?"
I cradled her, fragile creature.

Minutes passed in silence.
She drew herself ever so slightly
Closer to my ear, and breathed,
"Maybe next time you could....
wear a mask? Surprise me?
Force me from behind?"


I am so ashamed
That relationship continued on
The months that it did.

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