I picked up a copy of Kenneth Branagh's rendition of "Much Ado About Nothing" and saw to my pleasure that Kate Beckinsale was present amongst the cast. As the opening sequence of "HEY, Nonny Nonny!" rolled by, I was shocked and insulted that Keanu Reeves had worked himself into a Kenneth Brannagh work.

I was quite frankly outraged by this. What on earth? Keanu may have a pretty face, but the man can't deliver lines worthy of a Shakespeare! This is Keanu "I am an F-B-I agent" Reeves. A man famed for saying the word "excellent" and playing air guitar. The man who said, erm, something in The Matrix (I can only remember him saying "whoa")

And then I realised the joke that old Ken was having with us when Keanu uttered his opening line, for he was playing Don John, a bastard and his first line is:

"I am not of many words"

Thank you Mr Brannagh, you made my day.

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