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I recently gave up coffee. Not entirely, but I decided to stop drinking two or more mugs per day and only drink it socially and on special occassions. Too much coffee was increasing my heartrate and is probably bad for me in other ways. I also decided to do the same with alcohol. I made this decision shortly before Christmas and since then haven't had a cup of coffee. I figured I'd start off right by going an entire month without touching a drop. Since then I've been drinking tea, and not every day.

Yesterday I had a coffee, since my favourite flavour was on tap. Cinnamon Hazelnut from Second Cup. I've been going to the same Second Cup for the better part of a year now, and as a result know most of the staff. This morning, as I asked for a tea, the owner of the shop said that my body must be getting all confused with me switching back and forth like that. I replied that my body was healthy since I work out every other day and that I eat fairly well. One of the coffee shop girls grinned at me and said I should ask Mark (he's the owner) about his theory on exercise.

"I believe in the hearbeat theory of exercise," he says.

"What's that?" I ask.

"I believe that everyone is given a certain number of heartbeats when they are born. When they run out of heartbeats, that's it. Game over."

"Ya, so?"

"Well," he says, "when you exercise, what happens to your heart?"

"Ahh," I say, finally figuring out where he's going with this. "Of course, it beats faster."

He looked at me a smirked. I'm pretty sure he truly believed what he was saying. It's a pretty deterministic theory on life, but it's not a bad outlook... as outlooks go, anyway. For me, it's still all about karma.

But if only I could figure out how many heartbeats I've been given, and how many I've got left... :)

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