green leaves on the stone wall gather.
it's the coming of the spring in this lonely town.
in simpler times the children would be heard,
their laughs riding the breeze to the edges of the forest.
the sun could rise to the middle of the cloudless sky,
and nothing could ever stop joy of spring.
but this is not a happy tale,
this tale is one of grief and sorrow.

if you enjoy a cry take your seat.
for this story shall not disappoint you.

Oh Shanes Hill their lived a man
whose grass was green as the clover.
his life was spent milking the cows
and selling his butter for gold.
in his house he harbored his kin,
a son and a daughter of twelve.

they never came out for rain nor sun
and grew weary of fighting for fun.
so one day when they fell trapped as fox,
they devised an excellent plan.
they would run out the house when night grew near,
and hopefully get to a town.

so in the night, naked as babies,
they slipt through the door of their prison,
and running like deer, into the forest they fled
never to be seen again.

ahh what a travesty..oh what a crime.
the innocent suffer all in due time.

for you see,
the poor children not knowing their way
stumbled upon a bear in some hay.
the growls and pains as he ripped them apart,
no one can describe for easement on the heart.

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