Is me.

It is an interesting concept, one which I suggested in a moment of levity to my SO when she was interrog(BspBspBspBspBspBspBspBsp)asking me how things had been on some recent trip to see some of my other friends. She has reminded me of this with her The kinda girl who'd like to install a video camera in her SO's forehead and keep it on at all times node, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is not entirely serious in intent.

She doesn't really want to..

  • monitor my every action
  • intercept my mail
  • censor my reading
  • follow me around all day
  • read my itemised phone bills
  • go through the 'most recently called' list on my cellphone
  • steam open my bank statements
  • hack my POP3 account password to read my email
  • rummage through my laundry basket for soiled items
  • count the number of condoms left in the packet
  • perform DejaNews searches for my newsgroup postings
  • do web searches for my name
  • perform random drug-tests on my urine
  • talk to me on my cellphone when I'm at home and then simultaneously ring my home phone number to check that she can hear it ringing in the background
  • look at the index print that comes with my developed APS photos to check that I haven't removed any incriminating ones
  • get female workmates of hers that I haven't met to try to seduce me in bars
  • check the mileage on my car when I've spent the evening in
  • mark my money with an ultraviolet pen to see that I haven't been spending it on other women
  • casually ring my friends to confirm my whereabouts when I'm with them
  • make copies of my apartment keys so she can come round when I'm out to check for evidence
  • or, of course, install a video camera in my forehead..


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