This is by far, the most embarrassing thing that has every happened to me!

Well, I was just walking down the street in Chinatown one day. I live in Boston by the way. Anyhow, I was walking down the street, and I was headed toward a chinese restaurant where I was supposed to meet my girlfriend's family. I was very nervous that day...and I didn't want to be late. So, I left my apartment like an hour early, so I could ride the T (subway) and get to the restaurant on time. I had plenty of time left as I neared the restaurant.

Then, as I was walking, an old lady...she had to be like 65 years old, crossed my path and reached for a purple door. (it was glass..but covered in this mylar purple sheeting) She tugged at it, but couldn't get it open. So, I figured I had some time to stop and help this old lady. I kind of prided myself on being a gentleman. Anyways, I helped her open the door. And guess what. No thanks. She just rushes in, without looking at me, or saying a word. I was actually kind of offended. When I turned to leave, my pant leg got stuck in the hinge of the door. To this day, I have no idea how that happened...but it did. So, I tugged at my pants. It wouldn't get loose. I looked at my watch...I still had five minutes. Phew. But I was still stuck like an idiot to this door. And that rude old lady was definitely not going to help me out.

So, I decided finally to pull with all my might. Wrong idea. I ripped like half of my pants off! The whole left side of my pants were ripped! I basically only had my right pant left. I had no idea what to do. Just at that very moment, I saw my girlfriend's car! Oh my god! I froze like a deer in headlights. Her parents were in the car as well. I was sooo embarrassed. But I told them what happened at the restaurant. It seemed as if they were nodding...but still didn't believe me.

I went home and called my girlfriend afterwards to apologize for it all. She said she didn't believe me and didn't think I was the right guy for her. WHAT?! Just for this? I had no idea why she was saying that. Well....during the argument, she mentions a sex shop. I was like whoa...wait a minute....back that truck up..what did you say?

Apparently, that old lady was going into a Sex shop! That's why she didn't thank me. And imagine that...I was in front of a sex shop without my pants on....and MY GIRLFRIEND's PARENTS SAW ME! ahhhhh! I tried to explain the whole I am....two years later. Without a girlfriend.....but both of my pant legs intact.

A character writeup by AgentNgo

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