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Walking around Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo these days, I am greatly amused by the attempts of these particular Asian cultures to imitate American culture. There is a great disparity between the assumed state of American culture in Asian eyes and the actual state of it. In their assumption that American culture is more modern and hence "superior", Asian people flock in droves to try and copy it, with mixed results.

The fusion of Eastern and Western music turned out to be disastrous. The initial result was Cantopop, a genre of music that was exactly like the Backstreet Boys before they even arrived. The lyrics are don't make too much sense, sung by men who could pass as sopranos. It was cleverly geared to aim at both sexes, appealing to the males because of the singer's ability to basically, get ass, and his "fashionable" and "Western" style of dress (consisting of skintight leather pants and opened shirt). It appeals to females with the same bullshit assets of the boy bands of America. This pseudo-music was utter crap, but appealed to the thiRst of "Western" culture in Asia. Later attempts of East-West fusion in music resulted in the same crap, such as Chinese rap (doesn't work, you can't rap with Chinese) and Chinese rock. They were still successful due to the high level of Westernization. I wish these people would write music that made sense and had meaning. Instead, it is the same meaningless themes over and over again, regurgitated. One should hear Korean pop. It is quite disgusting.

The assumption that Western women dress like sluts has bred interesting results. I have seen miniskirts in Asia that were around 6 inches long, baring the panties. While it is good exercise for my eyes, I cannot help but laugh at their false perception of Western culture. The use of dye to change hair color has also gone completely out of hand. Bright yellow, green, purple, pink, all in an attempt to be Western. I have actually asked people who they decided to dye their hair red and their replies were usually "It is western." I don't recall too many people in America with pink hair in Cornell University, or even New York City for that matter.

These are just two of the more visible corruptions. The desire to be part of a more Western culture has transformed the youth culture of Asia into a strange mutation of American culture. However, since these people think it's "cool", let them be. I'll stand and watch. It is funny to see a person that is dressed like a pimp and not know it.

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