A while back, I was looking at or touching the base of someone's neck for some unknown reason, and this conversation took place:

I: Huh. Interesting. You don't have a bump back there.
Person: Bump? What are you talking about?
I: You know, the bump thing at the base of your skull. Right here, see?

At that point I guided their hand toward the base of my skull, where my mysterio-bump resides. Let me explain a few things:

·This bump has always been at the base of my skull.

·It is located about 2 inches up from the center of my neck, in the exact place where Neo's port was in the Matrix. I wonder if this has anything to do with the proximity of the bump to the brain...

·It is most definetly just part of my skull structure, as it is hard and bony

·It isn't visible from any reasonable distance (probably due to my hair)

Anyway, at this time the person felt the bump and immediately proceded to freak out. Screaming and flailing their arms, whoever it was (i honestly can't remember) ran away. After discussing it with some of my normal friends, we have come to the following conclusions:

Skull bumps are most often found on males.
Skull bumps also seem to be hereditary (my dad has one as well)
People without neck bumps freak out when they feel a bump-endowed head.
Skull bumps vary in size, but are always limited to one.

So, if you have a bump, be happy! Caress your bump! Take care of it! Name it! No, wait, that's kinda weird. Just don't take your bump for granted.

Any bump-endowed Everythingians are welcome to submit their names to the list of we bump-people

The "skull bump" to which you refer is termed the Occipital bun. The Occipital bun is an adaptation of prehistoric humans to balance the head and thus reduce the head bobbing while running. It came about because some groups of humans were developing heavier facial features (larger brow, nose, etc.). You can thank the Discovery Channel for that.

(I, too, am a bump-person)

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