-- delicate smash in perfectworld
-- darkly in transit in silico in
-- imitation of copper wire

-- hairline crumplepattern
-- stressfracture (ironfilings align)
-- global restructuring imminent


-- highwindow earshattter in
-- two -- perfect moments
-- one smaller and more detailed

-- glassbouquet (a.sort.of
-- sparkle ing fur volume x-pan-ding
-- at night,highabove

-- one surprise windemolition
-- another neon octopus miming
-- Welcome To Sushi Shop


-- girder vibration
-- wave reinforced (echo. echo.
-- second floor seen to move

-- elevatorshaft pressurewave
-- roofceiling instability rising
-- synonym mass critical

-- controlled(?) destruction
-- (what is an action potentiation)
-- a bare room, definitely not about to explode

-- use (stare up) not, have not
-- dustrise imminent, replacement required
-- dance dance che sarà, sarà


-- you are counting
-- hbs until the rain
-- then you count again

-- i am curious
-- about this structure
-- falling before me

-- behind,some one scream s
-- ,theyScream That Building Is

-- as if the explosion weren't clear
-- had not pushed air into our ears
-- has not set the facade ablaze

-- the octoppus is sleepping
---darkly leaning,when suddenly
-- aware of the streetlamps


-- a fading sort of airwave
-- (visible radio,astarburst-akimbo,
-- -- difficult to separate

-- concrete is burning,woman
-- glances across her shoulder,purse
-- at her side,

-- i am nothing
-- amidst the dust
-- the edges are sharpening

-- into curlicues
-- my or her eyes or arms bend
-- silently integrating

-- quietly combining
-- clicks of molecules
-- bonding,sinew

-- what is
-- happening


One seated , lost inside palms to face ,
slow apart around comes naturally
(as if to say, A Lovely Day To-Day)

\\AWake, A (Turn A) Blind Eye
to the truth//which,inalllikelyhood
Would do the Same to Your house

in the hollywoods of tomorrow
lurk yesterday's fullgrown monsters
feasting on the leaves of metaphor

But this is about the person on the curb
lost|   |asitwere|   |between two buildings(one
coming down

the windows go on forever| || || || || |
portals into a stained glass rubik's cube
coming down under its own weight


I believe that I was meant to live forever,
by the content of my character , unchanging,
shall I replicate in software the boards of our ancestors

Wherein it is known that these things will ,
and have, come to pass, they will be as misunderstood as time
& as forgotten as coins and/soon/paper

This is no end , for there is no end ,
there are no beginnings there is no time like the present


- comfortable with trees,
- we search a dark sky
- with eyes shut


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