Once upon a time nurses were readily identifiable in the US. They were the ones in white. Now most white "nurse uniforms" are made of PVC and come packaged with mesh thigh highs and either a crop or a giant "syringe".

Some hospitals have elite VIP units that charge patients many hundreds if not thousands of dollars more per day for upgraded care. One, the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital requires all their VIP unit nurses to wear white. It is also totally staffed by RNs. That may be one end of the spectrum. In the middle nurses and technicians typically all wear the same type clothing consisting of designed or solid "scrubs". At the far end of the spectrum even the name badges in some hospitals do not identify the employees' job or qualifications.

There is a movement afoot in some hospitals to require that all RN employees once again wear white uniforms so that patients can know at a glance just who is who in the dizzying confusion of a modern hospital. I expect it will inadvertanly point out that most hospital care is now provided by technicians but that is just one nurse's opinion.


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