I have spent a lot of my time and energy trying to work out exactly what girls consider to be their 'perfect guy' and so far this is what i have interpreted: (feel free to comment as i am still learning)

  • He has to be gentle and loving (especially to cute animals and children)
  • He has to be strong and ruthless (especially to spiders and people who the girl does not like)
  • He has to be decisive and know exactly what he (and the girl) wants.
  • He has to let the girl make decisions
  • He has to be mature, deep, sensible and understanding
  • He has to be childish, fun, laddish and unpredictable
  • He must be self confident
  • He must not be big headed
  • He must be intelligent and worldly
  • He must not make the girl seem thick
  • He must be able to pull the perfect girl
  • He must prefer the normal girl
  • He must not be interested in a girl's physical features
  • He must appreciate this girl's physical features
  • and above all: He must be himself, accept who he is and not try to be something he's not
I think thats it!! so guys now you know (and girls - if i'm wrong anywhere tell me). It's so simple and to think that for all this time women have confused men!!
The perfect guy is a walking contradiction, and I like him that way. But the adjective "perfect" doesn't really do him justice... it would be more accurate to describe him as "perfectly imperfect."

Perfection is sterile, isolated, artificial and boring. If Perfect were a perfectionist, he wouldn't be able to stand you, and if Perfect were tolerant, he'd like everyone just the same. The imperfections are important, but they have to be the right ones. The perfectly imperfect guy has endearing imperfections and maddening imperfections, but only imperfections that you can live with. "Perfect" is subjective, rendering definition of it impossible. There's the-perfect-guy-for-her, the-perfect-guy-for-him, and even the-perfect-guy-for-you.

If "the perfect guy" is out there somewhere, I apologize for doubting his existence. I doubt I'd get along with him very well, though --- I'm just too flawed. But you know what? I don't care. I've already found the-perfect-guy-for-me.

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