A quote from the bible which has undoubtedly remained true throughout history. While absolute poverty is not as common in well developed countries such as the U.S.A. or Great Britain, relative poverty is something we cannot escape. There will always be someone in the world who has more money and assets as another person. Perhaps you and I are considered to be poor by a billionaire sitting in a luxury penthouse, in relation to them.

Absolute poverty is unlikely to be fully eliminated in our world. Ask someone how they would fix the homeless problem regardless of cost, and in most cases they will tell you that giving homeless people more money is the way to go. It is not. There is no point giving money to someone who does not know how to effectively use it. First you need to educate the person in need on how to acquire an income, how to use it responsibly, and then you could donate money.

Sadly, the poor keep doing what made them poor in the first place. Once they're at the top of the downward spiral of poverty, they will find it hard to escape. The government and community are forever donating money, food, clothing, etc. to people in need, but this is never enough. It can never be. If we want to help, we will only be able to reduce to severity of poverty -- not the whole concept. On a lighter note, there is always hope for an individual to escape absolute poverty -- however our world is always stuck with relative poverty.

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