it's the stuff a grammar teacher's nightmares are made of--words a five-year old could spell forwards and backwards blatantly misspelled in the most horrific of fashions. who could understand that old school marm's horror when she first read about a band called "the beatles"? or perhaps, a little while later, when she saw an album by "the monkees." why, even today grammar teachers' morals are mocked by the disrespectful spelling the band "korn" employs.

so what is it that drives these minstrels to spit upon the english language with their rebellious spittle? maybe they had a bad experience with a teacher and they are trying to get him or her back. maybe it is just a publicity stunt. or maybe they are just plain stupid. whatever the cause for this atrocity, it should be halted. force should be used if necessary, or if it will be highly amusing and could possibly be exploited for television programming. anything to prevent further misuse and abuse of beautiful words and to protect the innocent and dumb children whose aptitude for spelling will forever be perverted by this wrongdoing. save our intelligence. stop the stupidity.
There are two primary reasons for the intentional misspellings. One would be mixing words..."beatles" = "beat" + "beetles". This can be clever, and is not often horrible. Unless it seems forced, like mixing "ska" with other words for ska bands often does. That got real old and real dumb, real fast.

The more common theme now days though is misspelling to be "original". Which isn't very original, considering it's popular. This doesn't just exist in band names -- people who think they're being cool intentionally misspell all sorts of words. "kool" and "kewl" are a couple such misspellings. There is nothing "kewl" about being illiterate.

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