Unhappiness is a built-in feature of man. You're never satisfied with anything but even you realize this you just keep pushing forward; reaching for the new goals you set for yourself. You just keep jumping higher and higher -- maybe you reach your subgoal or not but it really doesn't make a difference: At the end of the day you find yourself having another need to met, goal to reach for and jump to jump.

Okay, you may want to make you believe that happiness is not a state but it's the way to happiness itself that's worth of something - think again! Once realizing this pointless quest, adventure for adventure's sake, life for life's sake, it becomes a god damn duty and good grades do not matter because no is counting.

You try to live for others improving their life but they're never satisfied either. Thanks for nothing, mate! The very best thing to do is to get meter of rope and margarin.
But instead you just desperately try to avoid thinking of anything; sitting next to the girl you think you love but you still have to keep striving with yourself. Your life can be reduced to running away from your own thoughts.

You find yourself from the lowest point of existence when you read this through and laugh at it. Try to forget it's nothing but a primitive mechanism of self-defence. Here, take a bottle for six hours' relief.

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