For Beelzebub, the demon of whom roams many places in many different mythos, to return to his native plane he would have to first look around and figure out where the hell (no pun intended) he is. Many mythoi refer to different sets of planes and different incarnations of the being Beelzebub as well as continuous other references in the history that is of Man (and demon as the case may be).

  • The Diablo PC game series as well as some referring RPG games such as Distant Time make reference to Beelzebub being native to the ethereal plane.
  • V.M. Beelzebub is an author of writings concerning astral projection and hence, according to his own writings, would be native to the Physical plane. Thus he has nowhere really to return to unless he’s out projecting himself again… back to the body V.M.
  • Beelzebub is a native plane when concerning the 385th Bomb Group of the United States Air Force.
  • Ruth Paxson refers to Beelzebub, among other “wicked ones”, as being a part of the “highest plane” in her aptly named book Life on the Highest Plane.
  • Matthew Barker wrote in his short stories that Beelzebub has exclusive control over the metaphysical plane… his home.
  • In Marvel Comics the being known as Mephisto takes many forms inclusive of Beelzebub. Mephisto’s native plane, as far as we know, is an extra-dimensional land of the dead. Mephisto refers to the place as Hades or hell but only to incite fear to feed. In the recent Earth X series we find Mephisto was a pawn and simply has no native plane aside from the physical or prime material plane depending on whom you talk to what the human/mortal plane would be referenced as.
  • The Dungeons & Dragons mythos refers to Beelzebub as a cast aside Celestial who now claims Hell to draw in willing souls. Many homebrewed worlds for the same series certainly place this elusive bugger in various places/planes/etc. Furthermore a cleric capable of casting a fourth level cleric spell may use Dismissal to return Beelzebub to his native plane should he be found roaming the countryside eating small children and cow tipping.
  • The Vampire world by White Wolf refers to Beelzebub as a Demon hence a semi-corporeal being sharing two planes of existence. They can’t make up their mind I guess.

As for the implications of Beelzebub heading home in any number of planes this author finds that unless it’s the case of a missing airplane from the USAF then Beelzebub leaving any plane of existence simply has to be labeled as one helluva good thing (pun intended).

Either way eating Honey Nut Cheerios simply won’t help.

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