"My colleagues believe that I am wasting my time with you, but I believe you wish to do the right thing."
Agent Smith, The Matrix

A philisophical notion that there is a correct set of actions to be undertaken in a particular circumstance. The foundation of this notion is based upon a belief that "good" will result from having completed the necessary actions.

The initial circumstances can be problematic, but are not necessarily so: often, undertaking the action set is a preventive measure.

panamaus (after dem bones' "The Perfect Node" node) has been seen to comment that "softlinking is the right thing to do". This implies that panamaus believes some good will come as a result of creating softlinks, and that, therefore, it should be done. Note that the initial circumstances are not problematic in this example.

The Defenestrations of Prague came about while several Catholic regents were being questioned with regards to anti-Protestant policies. To resolve the issue, several of those who were being questioned were defenestered, as it was believed that their defenestration would improve matters. Note that in this case, that belief turned out to be false.

Sometimes E2 Nuke Request is the right thing to do. If nobody ever did housecleaning, we'd all have dirty houses.

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