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System Message: General Protection Fault 0x00000a.

"Shit," Jessica thought to herself as her slender fingers headed once more for the reset button.
"Windows is a bigger piece of ass than I am!"
As the bios messages flashed by, the faint sound of the doorbell echoed in her ears. Filled with anticipation, Jessica rushed downstairs to greet her friend, Mandy.
Little did Jessica expect Mandy's little "surprise."

A few minutes later, Jessica and Mandy once more engaged the infernal operating system of '98.
"How would you like a taste of something a little more... sensual?" asked Mandy.
A quick flip of the wrist later, Mandy produced her copy of Red Hat Linux 6.1
"Bout time, girlfriend!" exclaimed the joyful Jessica. A small tear of joy ran down her powdered red cheek as she realized the intensity of the situation.

A full-blown Linux installation would soon take place.

Mandy's hand slipped into her bra and pulled out a handsome boot disk.
"Damn," Jessica was ecstatic. In a blaze of passion, Jessica gently reached for the reset button, not noticing Mandy's hand already placed there. As the two felt one another's soft fingers, their eyes met one another. Jessica quickly pulled her finger away, blushing.
"Sorry.. I... the.. disk... well, you know," She gave an innocent look to the floor, and Mandy knowingly inserted her finger into the reset button's crevace.
"Disk druid... or fdisk?" asked the now fully blushing Jessica.
"The harder it is, the better the payoff: fdisk," admonished Mandy. Emulating the partitions, Mandy gave a visual explanation of the partitioning process. Her long legs disengaged from their cross-locked position to reveal the "kernel" of her sexual identity.
"You've been a bad girl, Mandy. I think you need a recompile..," As the hard drive slaved over the immense task of moving all of the data around, Jessica's hand began sliding up Mandy's exposed inner thigh. Jessica noted that Mandy's mini-skirt was much like the progress indicator in fdisk - how far she was from fulfillment.
As the bar slid past 99%, Jessica's hand finally met the warm touch of Mandy's "split partition." Mandy groaned and hit the return key at the same time, returning the system to the Linux installation.

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