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A nifty trick developed in Hong Kong for use in arcade shooting games such as House of the Dead, Virtual Cop, Lost World, and other games of that genre. Since almost all of those games give you a six bullet ammo limit (unless you have a super gun such as an Uzi), and after you run out of ammo you have to move the gun off screen and shoot to reload, unless you have amazingly fast wrists it eats away time when you reload, and in frantic gunfights often costs you a life.

This saves the player that time and allows you to let loose a barrage of bullets without having to reload. It does, however, take a lot of practice. Hold the gun with both hands, and depending on your gun hand, put the index finger of your less dominant hand just below the barrel, extended. By covering the end of the gun with your finger and shooting, the game would think your gun is pointing off screen and reloads your ammo.

Hence, you don't have to move your hand and you can continue shooting. This is especially useful for shooting games that emphasize speed instead of accuracy, such as Lost World. Done right, it is as if you never have to reload, making the game that much easier. Try it out, but don't blame me when your quarters drain away very quickly as you practice. Once you get the hang of it, those games become a piece of cake. Trust me.

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