The imprint of your smile lingers against my fingertips. It is smeared across my lips. Vibrant, secretive... Yet, it is not my favourite smile.

For there are times when peoples backs seem to turn on you. And in those moments darling, your smile is amplified.

Radiating outwards, as if from a private joke you share with only yourself. It is the world you make fun of.

You gorgeous boy. If I could capture that smile on film, if only to refresh my fading sunspotted memory, I tell you now that my life's purpose would be complete.

Your whole face takes part in this work of art. Different components merely actors in a play too grand for my words to describe in all its perfection.

The corners of your lips curve upwards, in the slightest of movements. Your eyes... I can see them now. They twinkle, as if lights reflected on a still night by the harbour.

You have dimples. Did you realise that? They hide until those moments when you smile your private smile, and then they spring out screaming surprise. I have been a lucky witness to their existence.

Oh yes... I have seen them. And I saw your twinkling eyes too... I have seen the smiles you smile when you thought no one was looking. They are the most precious and glorious thing in the whole wide world.

my love goes out to: Chras4 for inspiring this piece of shiny goodness... and my darling friend who knows how it is to bounce

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