There's an air of disruption around this place, a feeling of impending turmoil..

It could just be the storm clouds that have settled around here, taking up permanent residence it seems, as if to say that perhaps we're undeserving of the sun these past few days.. maybe that's why the trees seem distraught.

We've had these periodic thunderstorms.. these enduring thunderstorms all week, weekend, something is amiss in the Universe it would seem. Where does such intense fury, achingly beautiful violence come from? Where is it when I'm staring up at the serenity of soft blue sky, sweetly tainted only by a few puffy white clouds?

When the sound of a force greater than I can comprehend rumbles in the night, my window rattling in response, I think that it really doesn't matter what is going on in my life. There are things so intensely potent out there, floating around in the Universe, that me, a little human.. hardly seems a likely matter to dwell upon. A simple little human.. any complexities that seemed to be kind of fade, kind of slip from existence into some sort of abyss, maybe mediocrity?

The trees, they seem to be afraid the way their leaves quiver.. and the creatures, the horses in particular, well they're irritable to say the least. I'm not so worried about it, not afraid, but what's going on out there? It seems a lot of atmospheric tension has built up and it's going to burst any second, unable to hold in such fury any longer. When it's all finished, everything will be content.. there will be no more fear of what the storm might throw at us, the trees will radiate a bright, fresh, lush green.. there will be a sweet, blissful calm.

"The storm it came up strong, it shook the trees, and blew away our fear.." - Michael Stipe

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