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My father spent his money on external voice synthesizers and EEPROMs.  I spend my money on a device that lets me play video games by moving and pointing the wand-like controller and a portable music player that holds at least several hundred times the data that my father could barely even dream about at the time. 

He would hop on his bike and visit the electronics store for his purchases.  I order mine through the internet.

He has a collection of chips and wires that he has built up over the years for bread boarding.  I have a collection of hard drives and what could be considered too many video games.

His mother always fussed at him to go outside and play football with his siblings and the neighbor kids.  He rarely did.  He used to fuss at me to go outside and hang with the kids from down the street.  I rarely did.

He used to spend his time and money on his startup business.  I spend my money and very little of my time on a college education.

My father is forty-three years old.  I am turning twenty in just over two months.  I hope that by the time I am his age I have children that spend their money on things that did not exist when I spent my money willy-nilly.

Hell, my younger brother just turned fourteen.  I hope that by the time he turns twenty he will be spending his money on things that did not exist when I was twenty.  

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