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It's sports day, and I just won the cartwheel competition!

My mum is here, she just came to see me, and she saw me win! She has my stupid little sister and fat brother with her because the baby-sitter is sick and Grandma is sick too, so the stinky kids have to go everywhere with her. Even to my school sport competition.

But I'm glad she saw me anyway. I thought that other stupid kid was gonna win but then her shorts split! You should have seen it, it was so funny! I yelled out to tell everyone to look but then Mrs Graham got cross with me for pointing. She yelled out: "Cheryl Kitching, stop laughing. It's NOT FUNNY!" Mum looked at me meanly and I thought I was gonna get a smack but I was too far away. Stupid Mrs Graham, telling me off in front of Mum...

But now it's the sack race. I have to win so Mum will tell Dad and he might take me shopping on Saturday. I want a new skipping rope, or maybe some lace-up shoes. Mum said she'd teach me how to tie them so I could be a grown-up.

So now we're racing and the sack is all scratchy and I'm coming first. Mum is cheering for me and everyone's yelling, and I'm jumping as fast as I can. It's really hard, and I keep slipping. But then there's someone beside me and then they're in front of me!

She's jumping away from me, and I get all angry, so I grab her and pinch her stupid fat arm. But then she's far away, and I've fallen onto my bottom!

Stupid sports day. Stupid sack race. It doesn't matter anyway. At least I'm not wearing stinky, ugly lost property shorts like the girl who won.

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