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So, the big "Spider-Man" movie came out on Friday. I haven't seen it yet, but I will--the fact is, I never see a big geek-favorite movie on the first weekend it comes out. Years ago, I was at the first showing of Tim Burton's "Batman" movie and was treated to the sight of far too many fat men wearing spandex Batman costumes. They at least had capes to cover up some of the unsightly bulges--Spidey's costume is much less forgiving, both to the fat man's frame and to the unfortunate eye that must watch him pay for a ticket in front of you. So I'll wait 'til next weekend or the weekend after that.

But that's not why the world's geek population makes me weep with despair and frustration.

Early Saturday morning, on another website I read occasionally, someone posted a mini-review saying that he didn't like the "Spider-Man" movie very much. He said he liked some of the acting, but he thought some of the actors were too hammy. He said he disliked the dialogue, thought some of the special effects could've been more convincing, and just basically believed that the film didn't live up to the hype. That's all fine with me--a movie review ain't nothing but an opinion, and there's never been a movie made that's perfect enough to satisfy everyone.

But as you might (or might not) expect, his review was quickly answered by someone who angrily and indignantly defended the movie. It was the best movie that had been made in years, he said; the acting was Oscar-caliber, the effects were perfect, the story was the best thing that had ever been put on the big screen, and the dialogue, well, for god's sake it's a comic book movie, the dialogue was perfect for a comic book movie! The reviewer, it was snarled, was obviously completely ignorant about Spider-Man, comic books, cinema, and possibly every other topic on the face of the earth! You could practically hear the poor guy blubbering on the keyboard he was so angry that someone could dare disagree with his opinion on a movie.

But even that is not why the world's geek population makes me weep with despair and frustration.

The way almost everyone else on the site jumped in to agree with the second guy--that is why the world's geek population makes me weep with despair and frustration.

Research: Just me, dammit! (and I learned my lesson when I got the same treatment after saying I didn't think the X-Men movie was so hot)

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