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Model No: 50039 Released: March, 1995 Design: John Popadiuk Art: Linda Deal Graphics: Brian Morris, Adam Rhine Software: Jeff Johnson Sound: Dave Zabriskie Music: Dave Zabriskie This game is themed to the player making the journey from apprentice to master magician or illusionist (a la David Copperfield).

Playfield Description
Flippers: 2 in standard positions at the bottom of the playfield.
Ramps: Two, one in the center of the playfield. Feeds to the left inlane. A magnetic diverter (the Spirit Ring) may divert the ball to the left inlane. Otherwise, ball travels to the right inlane.
Loops/Orbits: Outer loop which feeds to the bonus multiplier lanes and bumpers from the right side. Outer loop from the left side may feed to the bumpers or proceed up a ramp to the right inlane if the gate switch is open. Inner loop loops around the Magic Trunk. A spinner is at the right entrance of this loop. Weak shots up the right ramp drop down a hole in the ramp and leave out the right inner loop as well. A weak shot around the inner loop may drop behind the trunk for a multiball lock
Inlanes/Outlanes: Nothing special about the inlanes. A Magna-Save may trigger above the inlane to prevent a wild ball from draining. Outlanes may be lit for Specials.
Bonus Rollover Lanes: Located above the bumpers at the top right of the playfield. A mirror reflects the surface and shows the player which lanes are lit.
Captive Ball: Located between the left loop and the left entrance to the center loop. Hard shots to the captive ball will score Tiger Saw awards.
Magic Trunk: A rotating target just left of center on the playfield. This target lights and starts all Performances, starts Multiball, and is the Jackpot shot to make.
Trap Door: Located in front of the right ramp. The trap door ejects balls during Multiball. Shots into the trap door will award a random award when lit.

The Illusions (modes of play):
Tiger Saw: Hit the captive ball for points. Animations are the saw cutting either a woman or a pinball machine in half (like Fiorello LaGuardia).

Levitating Woman: Shoot the ball up the center ramp. This can be a high-scoring mode because the center ramp is an easy shot from the left flipper that can be looped repeatedly.

Trunk Escape: Hit the trunk four times to break free of it before time runs out.

Spirit Cards: The spinner is lit for 500,000 per spin. Not the highest scoring mode in the game.

Safe Escape: Shoot the inner loop three times to complete before the rope breaks.

Metamorphosis: The right ramp will become active. Shots up the right ramp will be diverted to the left inlane via the Spirit Ring. Score millions by looping this ramp (though it's a tad more difficult than Levitating Woman).

Strait Jacket Escape: Launch the ball up either side of the outer loop and into the bumpers. 10 hits ends the mode.

Hat Magic: Shoot the trunk for awards and watch various things get pulled from the hat on the DMD.

The ramps will add letters to MAGIC. Spelling out MAGIC will light the lock for Multiball at the center loop. A secret lock can be earned for a weak shot around the center loop which falls behind the trunk. Shots up the left loop will add letters to THEATRE. Spelling THEATRE will light the trunk for the Theatre award.

The Clock:
The clock starts at 12:00pm, and can be advanced via skill shots or shooting the right loop. 6:00 lights an extra ball while advancing the clock to Midnight will start Midnight Madness.

Multiball Modes:
Theatre Multiball: Lock three balls in the trunk to start. Locked balls are ejected from the trap door when Theatre Multiball starts. The trunk will be lit for the Jackpot. A quick shot to the trunk immediately after Multiball begins will award 100 Million. Once the jackpot has been collected, the trunk needs to be hit 3 times to relight the jackpot.

Tiger Saw Multiball: Lit when a ball goes up the left loop while Vanish is lit. Starts when a ball goes up the right loop. The captive ball is lit for the jackpot (starts at 15 million).

Grand Finale:
Lit at the left loop when...
  • THEATRE is spelled out once
  • Multiball has been played once
  • The clock has been advanced to Midnight
  • All illusions have been played once
Won't spoil anything by describing the Grand Finale here.

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