Just a Pink Floyd lyric that has been stuck in my head forever. It's clear and concise; it should be modded as +1 insightful. And it disturbs me, even though I don't like Pink Floyd much.

But the thing is... Is this schizophrenia or is it paranoia?

Honestly, it could be both.

It's schizophrenia in that it's your mind, but you're not the individual speaking. However, it could also be paranoia if you are afraid of this other "you" and what it does while the "real you" isn't aware of things. It all depends on the individual in question.

In the case of Brain Damage from Dark Side of the Moon, I'd have to say it's both. The character in the song (Waters?) is most likely schitzo, but from the tone of the song he is afraid of this other him.

But remember: IANAP. Take what I say with a grain of salt.

If more people would be willing to honestly admit it, we'd all discover that this is not entirely uncommon. Nor does it indicate that the majority of us are delusionally unhealthy. Who among us has not heard the words of our parents, teachers, friends, whomever, echo within our heads from time to time?

Some of these dialogues can be comforting and even constructive. Others can be damaging, or simply a waste of time to ponder. Others, especially when these snippets of conversation audibly escape our lips, can be downright weird. For example: a parent scolding a child...

Parent aloud: "You'll put someone's eye out with that thing!"

Parent to self: "Whoa! Mom, get out of my head!"

Go figure...

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