Well, we had fun again last year so we decided to do it once more and spoil another fine American holiday. CotC 3 has volunteered to defile Labor Day weekend this year and we like to feed people so it's...

There goes the neighborhood! 3: im in ur house eating ur f00dz (special gobble gobble 12" mix with extra stuffing)


Well, Thanksgiving and the following weekend... for the calendarally challenged, that's Wednesday, November 21st through Sunday, November 25th, 2007.


The residence of gwenllian and Apatrix in West Lafayette, Indiana


We're ungrateful bastards but this time we probably have something to be thankful for, if only your presence. We also think of it as an Orphans' Thanksgiving in the tradition of the Nashville noders. Perfect for those who would like to avoid their relatives or who have them on other continents. We're pretty much like that ourselves. Being at HD5 kind of reinforced our view that you funny people on the other side of the screen are our tribe/family/whatever you want to call it and, if we're going to do something, we're going to do it with noders.
In no way does this mean that we expect only people we know. First-timers are as welcome as anyone. Don't know us? Here's your chance to change it. We often hear from people after the event who are reluctant to show up at a nodermeet because they don't know anyone, don't think they'll be welcome, are new to the site, or whatever. Let's put it this way: you have to be extraordinarily dysfunctional and sociopathic in order to make yourself unwelcome at a nodermeet.

How to get there
By road: West Lafayette (and, by extension, Greater Lafayette) is in north-western Indiana, about a third of the way between Indianapolis and Chicago on I-65 (exit 175). Also, both US 52 and US 231 run through West Lafayette.
By rail: Lafayette is served by the Cardinal (51) from New York to Chicago via Huntington, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, etc. Check Amtrak for fares and schedules.
By ship, and spacecraft: Mmm, nope. Well, unless you're someplace that connects to the Wabash river and would like to paddle.
By bus: Greyhound to Lafayette. Prices will vary from the published specials since a holiday blackout will probably apply to at least one leg of the trip
Underground, by tunneling from China: Nobody ever tunnels from China.
By air: If you're flying yourself, Purdue International Airport (LAF). The less aviatorial public can arrive at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). We're willing to make an airport run or two but, because of the distance, anyone needing pickup on short notice may have to wait a while. If Indy is too expensive, you may be able to coordinate with someone coming from Chicago, preferably arriving at Midway.
Rideshare: We may be able find room for someone coming from the general direction of Dallas, Chicago, or St. Louis

Approximate distance from select major cities:

Indianapolis   60 miles
Chicago       125 miles
Columbus      240 miles
St Louis      280 miles
New York      773 miles
Davis        1854 miles

Travel Assistance
If you really want to come and have serious trouble raising the funds to do so, let us know and we'll see what we can do. We're serious about it.

Where to stay
We have substantial amounts of floor space. We are also in possession of actual couches with 4 (yes, 4) built-in recliners. We also have 2 futons and miscellaneous inflatable sleepables. Plenty of safe street parking is available for our four-wheeled friends. Since we're talking about late November in Indiana, camping in the yard will probably not be an option.

The nearest hotels (1.7 miles):
Family Inn of America
1920 Northwestern Avenue
Prestige Inn
1217 Sagamore Parkway West

Other stuff you might want to know:
This is a non-smoking household. This means that I, too, step outside if I must indulge in my filthy habit.
We don't use illicit substances and will have impressionable teenagers around. Should you have to bring along your stash, please leave it in your car and use it where you can't be seen from the property.
The weather is unpredictable. It may be balmy. It may be freezing. It may be both. Be prepared. The forecast currently calls for cold and maybe snow.
Contributions to defray our expenses are welcome but are not required.
This is, by design, a highly carnivorous (ornithovorous) event. Vegetarians, please announce your presence and needs well in advance.
We offer wireless broadband for those whose blood has been replaced with a datastream.

It's early days yet, so no formal schedule is set so far, but big hits in the past were:

Tentative schedule, very much subject to change:

Wednesday evening:

Noders arrive, talk, consumption of miscellaneous liquids and solids, possibly Eatpoopyoucat

Thursday morning:

The stuffing of the turkey

Thursday noonish/early afternoon:

The stuffing of noders with the aforementioned turkey. This may be moved to the evening, should there be Thursday afternoon arrivals.

The rest of the time

Hang, Play by ear. Possibly massive Carcassonne game will no doubt commence. More consumption of miscellaneous substances is also scheduled.

Friday pre-dawn:

Retail addicts can ask us about local "Black Friday" sale events that they don't want to miss out on. We will guide you to the right places.

Friday afternoon:

The traditional trip to Von's. No description can do this local retail legend justice.

Friday evening:

It looks like the regulars will finally all be 21 so Harry's Chocolate Shop, another famous local institution, may be a viable option. Designated drivers will be required. Note: New city-wide smoking ban applies to bars, too. Wolf Park's Howl Night falls on a full moon, too!

Saturday noonish:

The semi-sort-of-this-is-the-third-time-so-it's-traditional brunch at the Route 66 Diner. Route 66 is an offshoot of the famous Triple XXX, as seen on the Food Network

Sunday morning:

More waffles or other morning-type foods, per individual preference. Inevitable departures. Hung-over declarations of undying friendship. Resolutions to do this again next year.

People who will be handsomely rewarded for toeing the party line (confirmed as of 19 Nov)

People who have agreed on principle but have not yet taken the oath

People who have made noises indicating assent but may not be loyal to the regime

People who will be paid a visit by men in suits in black helicopters

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