One of the most tired and overworked truisms around these days. To name two high-profile examples: George W. Bush has gorged himself on free lunches, since childhood (see some questions for George W. Bush for some items on the menu). And maybe you've heard of HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, whose hands must be full of large anti-callouses. Multiply those by how many millions, and you have a whole lot of people running toothpicks between their little teefs.

There is such a thing as a free clue. DMan, take the time to grab a few. Maybe grab the one about there never having ever been a communist country - all those sick "communist" despots must surely have caused Uncle Carlos to generate enough RPMs in his grave to light Pyongyang for decades. Grab some fucking clues (Wyclef may have some for you), or at least learn to roll your own.

Free lunches are always paid for by someone, somewhere; not necessarily the person who is getting the free lunch. For instance, in the case of various promotions for "free" products (such as the hummos lunchables mentioned by bozon), the intent is to either promote that product or promote the seller more generally.

As I said, someone always pays for a free lunch; i think we're all gonna pay for Georgie's free lunches.

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