If Yoda was to teach a young jedi about air pressure, he might have said this.

Basically, any feeling of "suck" is actually "blow" going in the other direction. There can be no "suck" if there is no air pressure to "blow".

Also makes for fun classroom discussion.

This was part of a classroom discussion in high school science (i think the teacher actually used that phrase - though arguably a cool guy, he was no Yoda). There was a lot of mental resistance to this concept... because, i guess of the ambiguity of this concept in that "blow" connotes some agency or at least activity on the part of the, aww shoot, how do i put it? You know, the wind blows. You blow through a straw. Something, someone is doing the blowing, that is, creating the region of high pressure. In the case of suck, the activity is on behalf of the low pressure side of the equation, not the high pressure side. This conceptual leap proved to be too much for some people. If only i could have explained it then.. if only i could explain it now! The difference is, here, i can assume people will understand.

The discussion moved quickly on from this (which engendered many puns'n'giggles) to the question of heat as molecular motion. From that day forward, if someone in that class thought the thermostat in the room was a little off, they would utter some variation of:

Man, am i being pelted!

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