Their quiet performance is ostensibly one of the socially beneficial features of electric cars, but I believe it makes them quite dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians. When thousand-pound chunks of metal are hurtling at us, it's helpful to hear them coming. So, as a safety mandate, electric cars should be required to make the pleasant bubbly-sputtering sound made by flying cars on the Jetsons.

If we have to, I guess we could give drivers several different noise options, but they should never be able to operate in stealth mode. I'm reluctant to concede even these other options, because I'm very partial to the Jetsons car sound. Since the future is here, and it's horribly deficient in flying cars, friendly robots, and moving sidewalks, they could at least give us some of the trappings of the promised futuristic utopia, such as the Jetsons car sound.

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