There once lived a family in an old green house with 4 cats, 5,000,000 fish in 300 aquariums, 4 hermit crabs and 1 white parakeet.

Suddenly the house needed to become larger so Grandmother could live with them. An architect and builder drew plans. Big trucks and 2 builders came and went, making the yard very muddy especially when it rained.

Did this matter in the grand scheme of things? The sun shone. The moon waxed and waned. Stars blinked twinkly. Spring flowers grew. Summer was sprinkler time. Fall leaves fell. Wintertime firewood kept the house warm.

Not much changed except brown mud was everywhere, even in the boys' hair because the two brothers played war and other messy games.

Seemingly these changes only bothered Mother, who hated the laundromat for 11 months until the new laundry room was finished in the green house.

"Time for rubber boots!" she said one muddy day. She hated taking them to stores, especially the grocery store cereal aisle, but boots were at the shoe store, red boots the boys could pull on themselves.

Enough months passed. Winter arrived, freezing the mud. Snowsuit, hat and mitten time. The builders kept sawing and hammering. The new boots were not warm enough for tunnels, snow forts, snowmen or snow angels.

For lava fields appeared overnight filling half the kitchen, all the living room, boiling hot orange lava almost oozing upstairs to the bedrooms! The red boots were useful again inside the green house.

Everything is different now. Bigger boots wait along the laundry room wall though it's called the mud room since those days of mud. The boots have come in handy because you never know when a volcano might erupt and we will need to walk through lava again.


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