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      Years ago, my friends and I were much alike. We collected comic books, our moms drove us to punk rock shows and we rode bikes to each others' houses. Rob was first. At age sixteen, he started smoking pot - to me this was shocking, never having seen it before, associating it with all other "Drugs"... At first I wrote him off as a dopehead, but then I saw how he became more and more relaxed while using it over long periods of time.
      So I tried it. And again, and again. I smoked off and on, much to the dismay of some of my other friends who noticed me forgetting things. Musically, everything was going great, I produced enough material for two albums. Soon later, Jason quit basketball and thereby lost his reason for not smoking... By now, Rob had degraded into a miserable heap of apathy, cynical at the world - he had even tried crack and attempted to kill himself during the crack low. Years later, Jason is a lot more laid back, a lot more open and social than before... I must say it changed him for the better.
      I have also made new friends through this, it is a bond shared between a lot of people. While not a conversation starter, it seems to be the modern equivalent of having a cup of tea. Ecstasy is a strong bonding experience between people who take it together; prolonged use can cause depression. Lastly, everyone knows that THC in regulated amounts makes you a more laid back character, but in excess, it makes some people incredibly slow.

People, think before you do your drugs. LSD can be fun, but it makes you loopy. Cocaine will make you feel like you're on top of the world, but the down will make you as depressed as you'll ever be. Everyone's body is different, everyone reacts differently to different drugs - if you at all consider this hobby, feel it out first.

Don't take it too seriously. My favorite two-panel cartoon, ever:

Girl: Having a joint now and then throughout the day really helps me relax. I mean, without it, I don't know how I would deal with all my problems.

Boy: What problems?

Girl: Are you kidding? I'm behind in my schoolwork, I'm forgetting everything, I'm way too tired, I need to keep borrowing money to pay for this stuff....

Boy: Are you sure that one joint is going to be enough?

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