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I really don't think that my employer, the SAT testing service, or Burger King really cares about what my name is.

I am not a name, but a series of numbers. Which is fine, because I'd like to think that my life is math anyway.

Obviously, the only thing you are indentified with at your job is numbers. Your social security number. Your clock-in number. Screw the whole nametag idea, nobody really cares about what your name is at work unless they want to cuss you out.

The SAT testing sevice, or any kind of academic institution is the epitome of digit-identification. These days it's truly numbers that make up who you are and decide where you're going to college, not your name, ethnicity (Affirmative action is out the window in the U.S. remember?) or philanthropic tendencies. It's all about the SAT score, AP scores (Advanced placement tests used to get college credit), and G.P.A. I had a perfect 800 on the math SAT and second highest G.P.A. in my class, and this leads me to believe that UC Berkeley didn't really give a damn about how much community service I did. I knew this, so I probably only did about 5 hours. Oh well, by-gones.

Fast food services call out your order by number, not name. I always think it's funny when I or my friends get #69, just because I'm still immature doesn't mean I'm less of a person, right?

Names are truly unecessary in this day and age. I wouldn't be surprised if parents just cut the crap and started naming their kinds by their social security numbers.

"555-12-6868 it's dinner time!" Has a nice ring to it.

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