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.disconnect from the visual.

they must not be human because I can't hear them moaning and screaming

they must not be real because when i knock all i hear is hollowness maybe they're some kind of government expirement testing for the effectiveness of STD medicine

they mustn't have brains because they can't think like i do think in circles think in rhymes

they must have been born blind to not realize what idiots they look like with those stupid smiles always plastered on their plastic faces

they must not be allowed here their kind is not welcome we have nice clean counters here for paying customers

they must be from the ad agency or the FBI IRA CIA ABC and they want to take our money they want to take our babies from us those evil evil people

they must not see clearly through those glasses on their head x-ray goggles looking through me and i think they see what's there

they must have been born with a heart because they're alive

they must be feeling something to be so responsive

they must have faces behind their costumes and masks and they don't want us to see but we can if we look hard enough without really looking.

.and all will be well.

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