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I started to notice it very early on, and I took it with a grain of salt at the time. In retrospect it showed me exactly how the relationship would be. It seemed that no matter where we went there was always something keeping us apart. A telephone call in the middle of dinner. A man hustling quickly through the mall dives in between us pushing us temporarily apart from eachother.

Omens? I don't think so, they were just the trickle down effect of the true nature of the relationship, seeping through into every facet of it.

I could see it in the most minor of her actions, I kept telling myself it wasn't true, I WANTED this to work. But by the end it was more than obvious, it still broke me in half when she threw me out, and took what was in the middle over me. I knew that was much better than what we had, but i still tried to clammer my way back to control over the situation. My loss of control surprised me most. Maybe i've lost it, but to this day i still remember every part of it, it all seems so clear and blatantly obtrusive.

It was all the little things that showed it most.
Next time, ill watch closer.

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