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TVO is short for TVOntario, and proves you can run an entire televison network on fourteen dollars a day. It is more or less similar to PBS in the states. Growing up with such quality programming, I learned some valuable lessons.

  • If you have a night job at a department store, the rats and mannequins will keep you company. And you never have to do any actual work, only singing and dancing.
  • Stuffed animals will always repeat things if you ask them nicely. What's that Bear?
  • Running a telethon for eighty per cent of the programming day is okay.
  • You can't have much of an imagination if every single day is Imagination Day.
  • Polkaroo has issues with men.
  • It's alright to make a cartoon where every episode is the exact same (The Green Forest).
  • My $25 contribution really does make a difference.

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