things that could be

every wardrobe should be larger than it seems.

every building needs a secret passageway to a courtyard always in dusk with a mysteriously emblemed fountain and lots of little purpleflowered ivy. and a songbird who used to be your uncle's mistress.
or to a slidy to underground catacomb/library/catwarren with clues to old curs-ed treasure.
or to an attic room with shelves and shelves of a stranger's diaries, an empty wine bottle with beeswax candle in it, and two cases of whisky.
or to a long tunnel to ladder to center of old hollow tree in the middle of a long forgotten ruined park or graveyard.
or to basement of museum and library of forgotten and disused eras.
or to turret with telescope with directions for viewing every sculpture of big breasted muses in the city.

every building needs a hidden shelf/floor containing box of clackety metal toys and mysterious no-instruction games... or a bottle of likker and nekkid pics of the queen of sumthinland.
and any attempt to pull down a copy of proust's rememberance of things past from a large bookcase should result in the bookcase's revolution to reveal a collection of all the books and journals you'd always dreamed of reading.
and every crooked mirror that is straightened should cause a slip of paper to fall, a slip of paper that contains the secret password for diving through mirrors.

if you knock on wood for luck, now and then some good luck should come.

when wearily returning home alone late in the evening and taking a shortcut down alley, one should always discover an underlit bistro with musical instrument player near fireplace, fine cheering wine and spirits, and a pair of strangers to engage conversation with like they are old friends.

swings in empty, never swung in before by you, playgrounds should have the option, if jumped from while swung to highest point, of allowing you to fly as far as you'd like.
carousels in these playgrounds should, when reversed after going around til dizzy, take you back in time when you had to make a better choice.
covered slides in these playgrounds should, if slid down backwards, land you in a deep mazy jeweled djinn's cavern with a cool clear pool to dip in, and lots of engraved story walls to look at.
monkey bars in these playgrounds should, when crossed while yelling "RaaR! RaaR! RaaR!" or "CheeK! CheeK! CheeK!", take you past several of life's obstacles.

every strong wind one leans into and smiles should bring back a lost toy from childhood.

every time you whistle in an underground passageway or subway and the whistle is echoed you should immediately find a shortcut to where you really want to be heading.

each book you've meant to reread but have put off until a cold sunday afternoon should contain a love letter expressly meant for your eyes only.

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