Love is the first one. Everyone and Everything knows that.
Spring rain
Talent. You can buy talented people but you can't buy talent for yourself. Sorry.
Sunrise and sunset, in any order
Patterns in the clouds.
Tomorrow, Today and Yesterday - all unobtainable with cash of any sort.
Life. Lives can be bought and sold but only once they have formed, so to speak.
The chemical composition of the ocean. Unique and different everywhere. {And secret controller of the planet's climate}
My daughter's love
A phone call from the person you need to hear from most.
What is going to happen next
There are many more but I'll add them later.
Actually, I reckon you can buy love.

If you paid someone to 'love' you (in the romantic sense, not the sex sense), then they could do the same things that someone who was genuinely in love with you would do. Buy you chocolates, go on romantic movies, be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, go on picnics etc etc.

From your perspective, if you can ignore the money aspect, what you see is effectively 'love' - pay enough money to get a good enough actor, and you would experience something indistinguishable from someone who genuinely loves you. In which case, what is the difference?

Therefore, you have used money to buy love.

As a case example: Anna Nicole Smith and her marriage to that old oil tycoon who recently died. I have no doubt Anna married for the money, but the old tycoon got what he wanted - someone to care and love him - which Anna did in her own way.

There are myriad things you cannot buy with money , and with good reason. Many have tried and failed...
tobtoh, I see your point. But I wonder - in such a case would you be buying love, or the semblance of it? You might buy paint to cover blemishes in a house, say, but do you have a lasting investment?

SharQ says Yes you can buy perfection ;)

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