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Daydreaming is a luxury not all peoples have. For those who do, i assume that most dream of getting rich, famous and powerful, or a subset of these three. How you become rich, famous and/or powerful in your daydreams is what reveals your true passions. Some men may even dream of being doctors and engineers... rich and handsome doctors and engineers who have girls drooling over them. Everyone wants to be a rockstar one way or the other.

When i was somewhat younger, i too had vivid head trips of being a rockstar, with the charisma of kurt cobain and the musical prowess of pink floyd. Performing for a huge enthralled audience who are hooked to my melodic guitar solo. Those dreams have become less frequent and less vivid as time has passed. As you grow older these things tend to seem silly and the dreams start to exhilarate you less. I have known for a while that is not going to happen. I have never been able to be part of a band, never even been to a major rock concert. At this point in my life, how probable is the scenario that a band just agrees to be my backup, hands me a mike and guitar on stage in front of an audience of 10,000 cheering women, and say "Just do your thing".

Is there any good thing i can take away from this 'sad' state of affairs? Obviously life goes on, people get married, have kids, become successful, there and many things to look forward to. Everything is fine as long as you don't stop and think too much. Not everyone minds the fact that they have had to put their true passions aside in order to move on with their lives. Or maybe they do, again its just and assumption.

I believe there is no reason one should ever let go of their passions. Everyone should always feel good about the things they think they are (or would be) good at. It does not matter if you have been unable to make a living through them. It does not even matter if you cannot demonstrate them to others. What is the number of people who are passionate about cricket? Millions. How many of those play cricket as a profession? Not many. All the same they still get as much joy from watching a well played shot as the batsman who played it. Maybe more.
Acceptance of what you cannot accomplish is not an excuse to let go of the things that you love.

Should i regret that i never actively pursued my dream? Brood that i was too lazy, or played it safe when i still had the time? Regret never inspired anyone. If you are an artist at heart, it does not matter if you have never touched a canvas, as long as you can still see the picture clearly in your head that you would like to paint on it.


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