ThinkGeek is one of the, if not THE biggest sponsors of Everything2. Their banner is displayed on top of every page you open on E2, advertizing mostly useless stuff that no one really needs, but most of which is just so cool. ThinkGeek provides stuff for the geek in us, stuff we crave. And there is a geek in most of us here, wasting away the hours, noding stuff we think important.

So they got that right, we are their target audience. And I suppose they are their own target audience as well, getting to search the world for weird stuff to offer next, to test it all, and get paid to boot. Whereas we can just occasionally sample the goodness they offer. Such as (looks at the banner above) Desktop R/C Mini-Rovers??? What the...? Hmm, but the DO look cool, instantly trigger my desire, but I probably won't buy any (Although I already see them crossing to border to my collegues desk, conquering important documents, the wallet wins again). Or how about caffeinated soap, probably for the serious addict. And RTFM Mugs for the distraught system admin or helpline slave. There is just so much good stuff there.

Even though I've never shopped with them, I often visit their store, peruse their products and marvel at the variety of neat stuff. I drink in the strangeness that reflects my own being, knowing that the others (friends, family and co-workers) will never understand. ThinkGeek is like an oasis of likeminded folk, and come to think of it, so is Everything...

This node was brought to you by the eternal battle of my brain against my wallet.

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