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A Tel Aviv landmark and one of the best, if not the best place to rent videos and DVDs in Israel, not that there's much competition. Originally a popular music store, which is hosted at the same complex and whose fame has been eclipsed by the video store. The general interest music store has spawned the self-explanatory Jazz Ear and Classical Ear, all separate shops in the same street block. The Ear also operates Earsay, an independent record label producing Alternative/Electronic music, and Magda, which produces Israeli Ethnic music. The original Hebrew name is Ha-Ozen Ha-Shlishit.

The selection of movies is huge, especially non-mainstream fare, and most worthwhile movies released in Region 1 or Region 2 DVD can be found there. But what makes the place extra super duper special is the massive amount of imported movies on VHS, rare to the point of non-existence in Israel, making it possible to find many classic, foreign, cult or simply obscure movies that haven't yet been released on DVD and that would probably be unobtainable otherwise.

The whole thing is located at Sheinkin 21 in Tel Aviv, with smaller branches in Jerusalem and Haifa. The opening hours are 10AM-11:30PM on weekdays, 10AM-4PM on Fridays, 8PM-11:30PM on Saturdays and it's reasonably busy at any time of the day.


The Third Ear website, including their extensive catalogue, is at http://www.ozen3.co.il/

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