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The job of the Third umpire has been further complicated by the developement of Channel Four's 'Hawkeye'. I don't think that Third umpire has recourse to this new peice of technology, but it all but removes the necessity for an umpire on LBW decisions. However, as LBWs never go to the 3rd umpire but are dealt with at first hand by the man on the green, there is the risk that umpires look very silly indeed as the television watching masses see he's made an error.

Currently, the Third umpire may not intervene in a decision, but with luck that day will come. I'm not advocating a total switch to electronic umpiring, as it's mostly unnecessary and would be too time-consuming, but anyone who's been in the ground when batsman after batsman gets dismissed caught behind when the big screen in the ground shows seconds later that they were not out, (as in South Africa's most resent visit to these shores) will agree that the status quo for Third umpire involvement is not acceptable.

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