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This lunar beauty
Has no history
Is complete and early;
If beauty later
Bear any feature
It had a lover
And is another.

This like a dream
Keeps other time
And daytime is
the loss of this;
For time is inches
And the heart's changes
Where ghost has haunted
Lost and wanted.

But this was never
A ghost's endeavour
Nor finished this,
Was ghost at ease;
And till it pass
Love shall not near
The sweetness here
Nor sorrow take
His endless look.

-W.H. Auden 1930

This is a neat poem. Fred Bloggs (the) and I think the lunar beauty is this moment in time, the one where you read these words off the screen. At this time, this moment is quite a normal thing, no big deal. However, after more time, the lunar beauty changes in your opinion, and it seems so much better than it did at the time. In a few years, you'll be wishing you were back in this moment, reading nodes at your leisure, sending msgs and daylogging, average as it seems at the time. When one looks back on the days when they were five, those things seem so wonderful. Yet at the time, they were pretty mundane. (But don't take our word for it.)

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