Another classic Jack T. Chick tract from 1972, and apparently the longest-running one. Widely translated (and parodied), too.

The tract tells a story about a man who is living a Good Life and suddently gets a heart attack, falls down, gets buried, and the speaker for the dead announces "he was a GOOD man!"

But the man won't stay there; Out of the heavens comes the command "Arise!" and an angel, over the objections of the man, takes him to the heavens for Judgement.

We see the God there, in anthropomorphic form (parodies usually tend to call him "the big bulb-headed guy" because of the halo).

The guy is then given a movie - yes, something that looks like a movie - titled "This was your life!" including all the naughty bits, like "Haw haw - hey guys, this is the dirtiest story I've ever heard, it goes like this...", looking after a girl thinking "Ummmm nice!"... and the man is, of course, now quite horrified to see such things. =)

The big picture lists things he's accused of: "Theft, lies, disobedient to parents, pride, false accuser, unmerciful, hater of God, whisperer, whoremonger, envy, backbiter, deceit, hypocricy", and the guy is starting to sweat, asking why he wasn't warned.

And the movie continues: "Wait! Look - that's me in church. See - I wasn't so bad!", and on the screen the minister rants on about salvation, the guy is thinking of the outcome of football match, and walks away, saying he doesn't need God.

The man repents, too late, his name is not in the Book of Life, and he's thrown into the lake of fire. The end. The rest of the tract tells how to not make this to be your life, of course.

My comments: Well, this is one of my favorite JTC tracts on the topic of "Repent or perish" - the rest of the tracts that have the same topic are not as great. This has actually a point, and it doesn't much attack the so-called sanity (though the list of "sins" mentioned is, uhm, long).

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