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Being the words uttered by twenty-seven year old Anthony Anderson of Raby Road in Hartlepool on the 27th July 2007 whilst he was urinating on a woman he had found lying senseless on the street near his home.

The woman in question was fifty year old Christine Lakinski, who apparently suffered from a number of medical conditions, and was on her way home with a box of laminate flooring when she fell ill and collapsed in a doorway. It was at this point that Anderson, who had previously been both drinking and smoking cannabis, came across her in the company of his two friends. Having kicked the soles of her feet and failed to get any reaction, he then tried throwing a bucket of water over her. When that to failed to elicit a response he then decided to urinate on her and uttered his immortal words, before getting hold of a can of shaving foam and covering her from head to foot with its contents. Naturally the entire incident was captured on video using a mobile phone.

It must be presumed that Anderson believed that the woman had passed out drunk. In truth she was stone cold sober, and was in fact dying, being subsequently declared dead at the scene, with the cause of death later determined as being pancreatic failure.

Anderson therefore found himself in the dock at Hartlepool Magistrates' Court on the 19th September charged with the offence of outraging public decency. Appearing for the prosecution, Lynne Dalton explained that "Although his actions did not contribute to her death it was appalling behaviour that robbed her of any dignity in the last hours of her life." She then made an application to have the case transferred to the Crown Court for sentencing, on the basis that the magistrates maximum sentencing powers of six months in prison were insufficient in this case. The application was not opposed by the defence and Anderson was therefore granted unconditional bail until his appearance before Teesside Crown Court on the 22nd October.

Mark Lakinski, the brother of the deceased was quoted as saying "We will await the outcome and just hope he gets what he deserves."

Anderson duly appeared for sentencing before Teesside Crown Court on the 26th October when Judge Peter Fox, the recorder of Middlesbrough, offered the opinion that he had "violated this woman in an incredible way" and informed him that "the shocking nature of your acts over a prolonged period of time must mean that a prison sentence of greater length is appropriate in this case", and gave him three years.


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