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What is this taste...is it you on his lips?
Smaller, older, the same but not the same?
If it is, you taste sweet and something else
I've fought enough and standing in the same place is lonely
You mean freedom, you another chance for long hair and thighs,
And letting go only took a half an hour, I'll tell you what.
So I ask you a few things, don't kill what he's got
And give him what he doesn't have
I'm close to everything, my words not his
And adventures abound, though the rules are not yet written
What rules? Mine were never met, so I throw them all out.
Can I have warm feelings for you too?
Though it's me who is scared of intimidating 'cause I have a tendency to do that,
Take my hand, please, the road's so much easier with more company.
And this story has gotten it's second wind and I have no one to thank but you.

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