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A primary motivation behind abuddhas memes (http://www.crosswinds.net/~abuddha/bookmark.htm) is to provide the visitor some tantalizing fragments of a fundamental, underlying unity. Applying our generalist abilities we will be able to come to a deeper understanding of the whole by recognizing connections between the parts.

Since every individual comes at life with both unique geneology and singular experience, we each have non-reproducible talents to contribute. Uncovering what these are, and so catalyzing a sense of belonging and purpose could and should be the domain of education. By accepting the media as our information filter we demean and diminish the actual in favor of the presentable.

The work presently being done is built upon the disparate foundations provided by those who went before them. Results tend to either stay inside the boundary of a field of study, or form the basis of a further refined specialty. A good example of this is medicine. What began as the (attempted) delivery of a whole-health approach has now evolved (devolved) into a huge diversity of sub-specialties; leaving the poor GP as the desperate arbiter of the partial.

Discovering that part of the puzzle that "I" am entails exposure to the widest variety of ideas and theories. With an understanding that my Weltanschauung is only as valid as its ability to relate with others world views, I add and modify those bits of information that move my memetype toward increasing validity. Serendipity, and the state of mind that is receptive to it, plays a crucial role in expanding that which is seen as valid. I hope that visitors here find a piece that brings wonder; and perhaps gratitude for living at such a time.

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