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The first couple of Thompson Twins albums, A Product Of... (1981) and Set (1982), came from a septet who combined Funk, African rythms and polemical lyrics. The albums did not sell well, bot one atypically commercial track from Set, 'In The Name Of Love', became an American dancefloor hit. This convinced vocalist/keyboardist Tom Bailey, vocalist/saxophonist Alannah Currie and vocalist/percussionist Joe Leeway that their future lay in glossy electronic Pop. The other four Twins didn't agree, and quit.

The new trio of Twins- critically despised but commercially successful- scored nine UK hits from 1983-1984, the biggest 'You Take Me Up'- reaching No.2. Quick Step And Side Kick (1983) and Into The Gap (1984) were popular internationally, the latter topping the British chart, but the major hits dried up in 1985. In 1986, Leeway quit, but Bailey and Currie persisted, dropping the reviled Thompson Twins name in 1992 to become Babble.

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