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Also a highly recognized playwright of the early 1900's. His three major plays are "Our Town", "By The Skin of Their Teeth", and "The Matchmaker".

Wilder's work is marked by a definite theist outlook, with the spiritual or supernatural having a definite assumed place. Much of his work tends toward the allegorical or metaphorical.

Wilder also created a number of short plays which, for the most part, are impossible to create on stage, but would likely make excellent film, simply because of the required effects involved.

His play "Our Town" is likely one of the more produced films in grade schools across the country.

...Skin of Their Teeth would be delightful to see, as it involves walls flying up into the rafters in fear, as well as taking seats out of the audience and putting them into a bonfire on stage at the end of the second Act. However, I have yet to hear of it being staged, unfortunately.

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